Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Project: Eating/Socializing Room

A miracle has happened, my 4 foot by 4 foot monster picture finally got framed after 5 years of leaning, warping, and falling off the buffet. I am so happy it is on the wall. Job well done "Photo shop" downtown Kincardine. For those that may be curious the picture is of my wedding bouquet, my friend Jill took it with her wicked awesome camera. Full of my favorite flowers, Giant Pink Peony's, White and red roses, white freesia, and different shades of pink Gerbera daisies. It smelt heavenly.

The red dining room set is getting a makeover. In these pictures it actually doesn't look to bad. Let me tell you, in person...it has seen better days. The set was manufacture by Maskinonge Furniture Inc. in Maskinonge Quebec in 1968. My parents bought it second hand from their friends in the 70's sometime and was in my parents dining room up until they gave it to us in 2005. It went from Good Condition to near Scrapyard Condition in 10 seconds flat. Since we've had it 2 babies/toddlers/children have eaten, crafted, banged the shit out of it. Since we've had it we've used it for every single meal, since we've had it, it has hosted and served us well on many celebrations. Since we've had it, it has lost it's sheen and now has water marks, the sun has faded the once very vibrant red, the chair cushions are so flat your bum gets pins and needles after awhile, plus they are so stained from food and juice. We have loved this set and have many wonderful memories with it in the back ground. I still really like the style of it and the buffet is so handy, I'd hate to see it go. I feel like I just need to jazz up the joint again, while we're at it lets give it an new title, "Modern Mid century Glamorously Casual Dining Set", It is getting painted out Onyx black with satin finish, the chairs are getting covered in black with white pokadots, the table may get replaced (not sure yet) with the old one getting repurposed as shelves etc. The banister is getting painted out glossy black and the trim going downstairs is getting painted white. I would also like to get 2 dining armchairs from Ikea and recovered with some gorgeous fabric for the ends (for me and Dalton), we do love to linger at the table and chat so a nice comfy chair would be lovely don't ya think?

Oh and I found the "Little Sister" chandelier at Brushwood that I may just have to purchase while Dalton is on his ATV trip this week. I'll move the "Little Sister" to the living room and put the "Big Sister" over the table. Okay seriously I want all this done by yesterday.

Are you working on anything right now? Care to share?

Have a great day


  1. I like your new dining/social room makeover ideas! You go girl!
    It seems that there are always projects to do around our home, as I'm sure is true for many home owners! Currently our focus is on our backyard and turning it into a extended living/play space/oasis! The major component...the pool, is complete...now for the landscape, gardens and other important details! I, like you Marcia, would like it done yesterday so I can just relax and enjoy...but there never seems to be enough $ or time! We will be working away at it in between dips in the pool all season and look forward to doing lots of socializing and entertaining in our backyard. It will be our #1 Stay-cation destination!
    The Spencer Clan has an open invitation!
    Enjoy your projects!

  2. Thanks Paula. I took the chairs apart and have started the cleaning and sanding and I'm hoping my dad will wonder down and see my techniques and insist he take it over ;) (this is very likely)
    The Spencer Clan will take you up on the open invitation you guys will be our #1 Vacation. Hope you like loud kids, moon chucking and boys peeing in your garden :)