Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My New M.A.C. Spring/Summer Lipstick

Me and my girl wearing "See Sheer" Lustre M.A.C. lipstick.

I love M.A.C. make-up. I love the smell of it, the application, the packaging, the quality, it's Canadian and I love the creative spirit it was created from and still is. I was first introduced to this line in 1989, during my "trying to make it as a model days". I wore "Pecan" lipstick in matte finish for the rest of high school. (side note: holy crap that was 20 years ago!!!) We were in London this past weekend and I picked out new Spectacles and thought I should get a new lipstick to go with. What a nice treat. Fresh, smelling good, sheer lipstick. The simple things make me so happy.

Next time you are in the city, go to the mall, seek out the M.A.C. counter and treat yourself to a new lipstick. It really does brighten your day.


New Subject: "ManPacking". So recently (pretty much throughout the winter) there has been some pretty funny banter back and forth between friends about the dreaded "ManCold". Well, for all you ladies out there that know what I am talking about I have a new "Man Peeve". It's called "ManPacking". So, Dalton signed up about 2 months ago to go away for a 4 day ATV trip. Lovely, have fun Dalton. Two months he has know about this trip. Night before he leaves, "Mar, have you seen my rain boots?" "Mar, do you know where my back pack is?" "Mar, what tooth paste should I bring". He searched for rain boots for about 2 hours. Backpack, lifted a shirt, there it was. Toothpaste, decide to take the one that is almost finished, about enough to last 4 days. He took hardly any cloths with him. Not sure if P.J.s even made it in. I hope he is having fun. And can't wait to see him on Saturday.

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